Peer beneath the surface of your business processes.

Evaluate and improve your processes.

Save money | Piggy bank

Save money

Reviewing your processes may identify areas were you can save money.

Save time | Clock face

Save time

Reviews include suggestions on how to work smarter.

Protect your business | Shield

Protect your business

Regular internal audits help to protect your business from fraud and other losses.

Are your business processes perfect?

Get an expert's opinion! Evaluate and improve your processes one at a time with a detailed review by Middlestone Business Analysis.

Or reassure your directors and investors with regular and systematic Internal Audits of your business operations, specifically tailored to focus on and improve the most vulnerable processes within your business.

Business process improvement workshop

Business process improvement and review services

Your business relies on dozens of interconnected processes; everything from on-boarding a new customer, service delivery, billing and even debt collection.  We know that for each of these processes you'll have a unique way of working, but here are a few ways we can help:
Single process | Workflow
Review a single process

Review one process that you find troublesome. Research and suggest improvements.

Enterprise assessment | Buildings
Enterprise-wide assessment

Get a high-level report on your entire business, packed with actionable insights and suggestions.

Outsourced internal audit | face and magnifying glass
Outsourced Internal Audit function

Perform regular, systematic audits of your business risks and controls.

See our Internal Audit page.

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