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What are "business processes"?

A business process is any collection of linked tasks that together achieve something (anything) within your business.

For example, to give a quote to a potential customer you may have to do several different tasks. These task might be: measure up, estimate quantities, look up the cost of materials and then write the actual quotation. These are all linked tasks that achieve one thing—a quote being sent.

How can improving business processes help you?

Having efficient business processes will save you time and money.

time with family

Get more time for other things

Efficient processes leave you with more free time.

An efficient business needs less of your time, leaving you free to do other things. You could work on other business projects or spend more time with your family and friends.



Relax knowing that your business will run smoothly and consistently.

Chaos is stressful.

Processes that run smoothly are less stressful to operate and more predictable. Errors are less likely, and it is easier to plan ahead for busy times.

door of opportunity

Seize more opportunities

Let your processes prompt you to follow up on leads and new business.

Efficiently handling marketing, quoting and sales processes will mean you will win more business.

build business

Build value

Build a company that you can be proud of.

Efficient businesses make more money. They also sell for more money.

If you are planning to sell your business at any point in the future, then invest in good processes now.

How we work

We take a logical, common-sense approach. We know that every business is different. We'll make sure we really get to know your business, and then develop a plan of action just for you.

process step 1conversation
process step 2improvement
process step 3signpost
process step 4project delivery
process step 5training
process step 6ongoing support

1. We find out about your business

We'll talk to you and your team to really get to know what they go through. We don't presume to know everything about your business.


2. We'll pinpoint the problems you face

We research solutions, including reorganising your work, software add-ons or new software systems.


3. We'll show you how to improve

We present you with practical solutions based on our experience of working within businesses like yours.

We'll show you the benefits of each approach.

You can then choose what you want to concentrate on.

project delivery

4. We deliver your solution

We provide practical help. We'll either develop solutions ourselves, project manage your implementation, or advise your in-house teams.


5. We'll train your team

Training is vital to make sure you get the best out of your new process.

We'll make sure your team know how to use the new system to get the maximum return for your investment.

ongoing support

6. We make sure you have support

We'll make sure you have all the ongoing support you need to succeed.

Ready to get started?

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How we can help you improve your business processes.

All process improvement work is supervised by a Certified Internal Auditor and current member of the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors.

recycling bin

Use Lean Thinking to cut out wasted effort

We'll identify the valuable tasks in your process, and help you eliminate tasks that don't add value.

six sigma

We use tools from Lean and Six Sigma (that we've adapted for small businesses) to find and correct problems in your processes.

Streamline those tasks that aren't earning you money

Streamline your "back-office"—your business management tasks.

We'll speed up your quoting, invoicing, billing and scheduling jobs… and many more.

sales process
Sales process
quoting process
contract management
invoicing process
busy office
cloud-based software

We'll introduce you to new tools and better ways of working

Use inexpensive cloud-hosted apps to save you time.

We can recommend the best solution for your exact situation.

Read more about our software selection service

Link up all your apps and systems

We'll link your systems to each other, to save you time.

We'll join up your apps and systems to save you time finding information and updating multiple systems.

Read more about our system integration service

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