Client story

Cutting paper, saving time and money

Our client knew that they should be emailing letters, but their old system wouldn't let them.

They sent 150,000 letters, reminders and statements per year—all by Royal Mail.

How we helped

We looked at several alternative hardware and software solutions, as well as outsourcing options.

We implemented a two-prong approach by, (1) moving as much post as possible to email, and (2) automating the handling of the remaining physical letters.

We linked the client's back-office system and Direct Debit system with a new Output Management System (from Neopost®) to capture and analyse outgoing post.

We also installed an app on all computers so that all staff could push their mail items into a central queue that then decided on the best delivery system—some were diverted to email, some to an enhanced mailing system.

The final system then sorted and printed all letters in one go, ready to run through their brand-new automatic letter-folder and inserter machine. All with the absolute minimum user intervention.

Neopost PrintMachine
Neopost PrintMachine
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server
Neopost DS75
Neopost DS75
Raised hands
Neopost DS75

The results

The monthly "statement run" became 2 hours of work for one person—instead of an "all hands on deck" crisis.

The company saved 75% on postage costs.


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Choosing the right software for your business can be very time-consuming and stressful.

We have experience of specifying and selecting systems for all sorts of businesses.

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