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How can having business process maps help you?

Having efficient business processes will save you time and money.

Make it easier to train new staff

Having things written down is much easier for new staff.

This will mean you spend less time training, there are fewer mistakes for you to fix, and happier staff.


Delegate effectively

Process maps allow you to confidently delegate .

Processes maps provide a clear way to communicate what needs to be down, so there is no confusion.

Encourage team work

Transparent processes encourage teamwork.

If all members of the team can visualise their part in the process, then they can work together to make life easier for the next person down the line.

team work
improve performance

Improve performance

Process diagrams quickly show you where you can save time and money.

By visualising the process you can find ways to improve it.

How we work

We take a logical, common-sense approach. We know that every business is different. We'll make sure we really get to know your business, and then develop a plan of action just for you.

business process mapping

Process mapping

Often the first step to successfully scaling a business, is to capture all the information held in peoples' heads. This can then be used to train new staff.

We're good at getting that information in to a logical and easy-to-understand format.


We use standard language and simple symbols such as Business Process Model and Notation™ (BPMN™) to record the details of your processes.

process step 1conversation

We find out about your business

We'll talk to you and any other managers to really get to know what they go through.

process step 2improvement

We'll sit with front-line staff

We shadow front-line staff at their workstations. We find this gives us the best insights.

process step 3process diagram

We'll prepare diagrams

We document the processes we've seen using best-practice notations.

process step 4presentation

We present your maps for review

We work with you to ensure you're getting exactly what you hoped for.

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We work exclusively with SME business owners and managers who want to create blissfully efficient businesses. We can help you achieve just that, put us to the test!

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