Plan your business' journey.

Be prepared for your next project with plans and financial models.

Do you get excited about cash flow forecasts?

No? We do!

Cash flow forecasts are vital for project planning and raising finance. You'll need a financial model to:

  • Raise finance
  • Plan projects
  • Set budgets
  • Value your business

Banks, financiers and buyers all want to see them. The quality of your financial models will greatly impact their desire to invest in you.

We’ll take the time to understand your business, and then we can produce a realist estimate of your future cash needs.

Financial modelling

When do I need a financial model?

We know that your business is unique, so perhaps you have a unique project that we can get our teeth in to.  Here are a few scenarios we commonly encounter, but don't be afraid to challenge us with your project!
Raising finance
Raising finance

Present potential funders with a detailed view of your business and plans.

Project planning | A to B
Project planning

Plan your next project with detailed financial models including cash flow forecasts, profit and loss statements and balance sheets.

Budgets | Piggy bank

Support, manage and control your business with robust budgets and forecasts.

Business cases | Price tag
Business cases

Analyse the impact of that large purchase or investment.  Will it give you the return you hope?

Exit planning | Exit door
Exit planning

Achieve the highest value for your business.

Financial model examples

Between us we have built more financial models than we can remember.  Here are just some specific examples of financial models (large and small) that we've developed for our clients.

Budgets and Forecasts

Budgets and forecasts for a medium-sized businesses with turnover between £4 million and £10 million per year.

Loan fund model

A 20 year financial model for a proposed £60 million fund to be managed by a Community Development Finance Institution.

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