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Connect and automate your existing information systems.

Eliminate errors | Exclamation mark

Eliminate errors

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Protect against fraud

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Save time

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Save money

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Increase customer satisfaction

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Improve employee satisfaction

Are your business systems perfect yet?

Connect and automate your existing information systems with a custom interface designed just for you by the team at Middlestone Business Analysis. Get your Customer Relationship Management system talking to your stock control, purchasing, credit control, accounting or even payroll software.Or link up your systems with third-party apps or services.

Take advantage of your current packages' API (Application Programming Interfaces), web-services or database connections.Contact us to see how we can help your business.

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Common system integrations

The possibilities are endless.  We know your business will have unique requirements (that is the advantage of getting custom development!), but here are a few common scenarios to get your mind racing.
Synchronise | Two way arrows

Feed data from one system to another to save time and eliminate errors. Automatically update your accounts with data from your stock system, for example.

Populate | Magic wand

Capture information from external sources, such as Royal Mail® or Companies House to speed up customer on-boarding.

Integrate | Chain link

View data from one system in another system e.g. view customers balances in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Geolocate | Map pin

Include location data or integrate with maps to allow your staff to plan their travel between customers.

Collaborate | Hand shake

Link your systems with third-party data, such as credit reference agencies to get an up-to-the-minute view of your customers.

Automate | Cog icon

Automate labour intensive tasks, such as data entry and re-keying.

See our Process Automation page for more automation examples.

Recent integration examples

Here are a range of examples of real-world solutions we have developed for our clients, from the simple (but effective) to the more sophisticated financial-service solutions.

Credit decision workflow

A sophisticated decision engine developed to our clients specific requirements. The system is powered by a Kofax TotalAgility® business process management system and includes a COBOL interface in to an IBM® iSeries® (AS/400) server, as well as a practical web-based user-interface.

Credit card integration

A simple interface between the client's back-office system and their credit card terminal. The solution sums up the required invoices, applies surcharges and passes relevant references to the card terminal.

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