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The role of Business Analysis in small business growth

The role of Business Analysis in small business growth

Business Analysts help businesses to change, adapt and grow. They identify business’ needs and put in place practical solutions.

Published on
October 2017

Business Analysts help businesses to change, adapt and grow. They identify business’ needs and put in place practical solutions. This often means digging to find the cause of underlying problems. Business Analysis also bridges the gap between what businesses need and what technology can deliver. The benefits to small businesses are clear, so why aren't small businesses using them?

Smart businesses use Business Analysts to find better ways of working, to save time, and to increase effectiveness. Large companies may have many full-time analysts, each as part of a project team.

Small businesses face unique challenges

In smaller businesses resources are scarce. The “project team” working to improve the business may be one man on a mission or a one-woman army. Time and money are critical. Smaller businesses also have less in-house expertise to fall back on. And generally, have less formal management—just because they are small.

Every sale is important: Small businesses cannot afford to miss opportunities. They don’t have the margins and buffers that large businesses enjoy.

Small businesses also have differing priorities. Large organisations can focus solely on profit or share value. Small business owners must consider their personal goals too. Things like: accomplishment and pride, as well as achieving a work/life balance or their desired lifestyle.

The solution: Business Analysts

This is where an independent Business Analyst can be invaluable—in providing tactical support where needed. All without increasing overheads.

The unique challenges that small businesses face, make the work of the Business Analyst even more valuable, even more relevant. A good Business Analyst will introduce technology and process changes to save time and money in any small business. A great Business Analyst will find solutions that give the small business owner the lifestyle they desire.

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