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We know it's not all about us, but… just this once, it is

We know it's not all about us, but… just this once, it is

Introduction to Middlestone Business Analysis and the Process in Progress blog.

Published on
October 2016

In our first blog post, we'll introduce you to Middlestone

Where do you start with your first blog post? We decided to start small, and work our way up. We'll start by introducing Middlestone Business Analysis and setting the scene for future posts. So let's dive in…

Middlestone was founded with the simple aim of making businesses run smoothly. We want to help the people working in those businesses. We've seen countless examples of individuals who are unhappy at their jobs. We have all been there at some point in our careers; dreading Mondays. Feeling overworked, but somehow still underutilised. We want to change that! We feel certain that we can help businesses large and small to work smarter.  Working smarter means happier, more fulfilled workers. No more dreading Mondays.

We are not classic "management consultants" though. We don't aim to give you a pep talk and leave you to it. Our process includes thoroughly reviewing the individual processes that make up a business. Sitting with the people who do the job, and then offering practical suggestions for system improvements. We'll look for bottlenecks and then redesign or automate entire business processes.

We've worked with a few Business Process Management suites over the years, including Bizagi and Kofax TotalAgility .  These work flow tools can automate many tasks, but we've found them especially useful for automating mundane "copy-paste" jobs.

We've also written bespoke tools to automate banking, payment allocation, reconciliation and communication.  Without requiring our clients to invest in any third-party tools; using just the systems our clients already use.Anyway, that is enough about us for today.  You can always visit our services pages for more information, or look at about us.

What you can expect to see in future blogs

We're interested in all ways to improve business. So that is what we'll be including in our blog. We're always looking for ways to let small businesses and startups benefit from big-business know-how.  So look out for that!

You can expect to see articles about:

  • Internal Audit (IA)
  • Risk management and risk reduction
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Business startups
  • Data capture and system integration
  • Process design
  • Software design
  • Banking
  • Project management
  • Business intelligence and reporting tools
  • and anything else we think will help you run your business…

We look forward to sharing these with you and hearing your comments.  Watch this space!

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About Middlestone

Middlestone Business Analysis helps small businesses achieve more with their existing resources. We help reorganise operations, automate tasks and install customised processes and systems to keep small businesses organised and to speed up administrative work. To learn more, visit our services page.

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